Welcome to my new blog, bigjuicycolon.com!

munjan002_4x5I can just hear you all saying what a gross name for a blog! But there is a story behind it.

Those of you who have seen my appearances on Rise & Shine Idaho with Danielle and Nick to promote my first book, Murder Under the Microscope, might remember the conversation we had about why pathologists on TV are always doing autopsies. Well, the reason is, autopsies are interesting. There’s nothing interesting about watching somebody sitting at a microscope signing out surgicals all day. Of course, if I was to go into the histology lab and if I got, say, a big juicy colon … I never got to finish that sentence because both Danielle and Nick were majorly grossed out.

“Eww, I sure hope nobody’s eating breakfast!” they said.

But that didn’t stop them from mentioning it again at intervals during the rest of their program that morning. “Big juicy colon, huh? Bet those words have never been spoken on TV until today.”

Well, I’ve been on their show two more times, to promote my second and third books, Too Much Blood and Grievous Bodily Harm, and they always bring up the big juicy colon. I always threaten to create a website called bigjuicycolon.com.

Well, here it is.

I plan to use it as a platform in which to talk about things that happen in hospitals, which are big scary places for most people. I’ll tell you my stories, you tell me yours.

How’s that?

Tell me what’s on your mind.

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